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Women and Bankruptcy

As a bankruptcy attorney, I find that women are particularly hesitant about filing bankruptcy. In my experience, many women feel a sense of guilty or shame regarding the possibility of getting rid of their debt through bankruptcy. Although the bankruptcy laws were made to give people a fresh start financially and should be a freeing process, many women feel encumbered by self doubt and anxiety. As a result, many women carry the burden of unmanageable debt and bad credit longer than necessary.

The goal of a bankruptcy filing is to get rid of unmanageable debt, particularly unsecured debt such as credit card bills, personal loans, and past mistakes like repossessions and utility bills. Although many people are racked by debt, they may consider bankruptcy to be a last resort form many reasons. Many women don’t want to file because they feel a moral obligation to pay their bills despite the hardship that payment makes to their household.

Outstanding debt can create feelings of anxiety, hopelessness and even depression in those who lack the means to make payments. Bill collectors are often relentless in their collection attempts. They call constantly, send threatening letters, and eventually the may sue the debtor. When dealing with a lack of income coupled by a phone that is constantly ringing with calls from bill collectors, many people become upset and buckle under pressure. Bankruptcy addresses these issues by protecting debtors from all debt collection attempts.


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