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What Happens After I Receive My Discharge Letter

The goal in any bankruptcy, particularly in a Chapter 7, is to receive a discharge letter from the bankruptcy court. This discharge letter goes to the debtor and also to the creditors. This discharge letter is the court’s way of indicating to you that your bankruptcy process is now over and it also indicates to your creditors that they cannot collect on any debt, as your obligation to pay has been discharged.

So the question is, what happens next.

After you receive your discharge, you want to start to rebuild your credit. You can do this by making sure that you have acquired post bankruptcy debt. If you get a new credit card, make sure that they report to credit bureaus regularly. Then start making those payments on time! Once you start getting some on time payments reported, your credit score will get better and better.

Do not max out your credit cards. While some manageable debt is great, you do not want debt that is burdensome as this will reflect poorly on your credit rating.

Do not forget to check your credit report regularly. The score doesn’t necessarily matter. You need to check it to make sure that it is accurate. You also want to check it to make sure that those creditors who were discharged in the bankruptcy are not being shown as current debt.

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