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Stuff Your Stockings with Savings

Many families are looking for ways to save money this holiday season without sacrificing the spirit of the holidays. Being frugal does not make you a scrooge. One of the ways to prevent your financial situation from spiraling out of control is to avoid overspending, even on the holidays. When asked how to avoid filing bankruptcy, I suggest people start watching their spending habits before they become unmanageable.  Here are 7 tips to help you enjoy your holidays without breaking the bank.

  1. Use your creativity to give unique gifts.  Gifts do not have to be bought to be appreciated.  If you are a good baker, purchase some tins and fill them with cookies or cakes.  If you knit, scarves and hats make great gifts. 
  1. Give group gifts.  If a family has multiple children, why buy individual presents when you can purchase one gift that they can all enjoy together? 
  1. Use coupons.  This tip is especially good for buying all of the food associated with celebrating the holidays.  The food bill can run high in November and December.  If you subscribe to a newspaper, make use of those coupons and if you don’t, keep an eye on the circular at your local markets. Also try looking at for great savings year round. 
  1. Split the cost of gifts.  If you have siblings, arrange to all pitch in for a gift for your parents and grandparents.
  1. Skip the gifts.  Celebrate with an activity such as movie night, board games and baking with the family.
  1. Only buy gifts for the children, the adults will understand.  These are tough times and as a nation we have tightened our belts. There’s no shame in forgoing the gift giving for a year. 
  1. Stick to your budget!  Determine how much you can reasonably spend and stick to it.  The holidays are about friends and family.  They’re not about digging yourself deeper into the debt hole.