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Can I Get a Credit Card After Bankruptcy?

After filing bankruptcy, many people believe that their credit is shot and they will not be able to get credit cards.

In reality, your credit was probably bad before filing, which prompted you to file in the first place. After filing, many people actually see an immediate improvement in their credit despite the fact that the bankruptcy is on your credit report. This is due to the decrease in debt which is a result of the bankruptcy filing and discharge of debt.

After a bankruptcy, you can get credit cards. You will more than likely receive an influx of credit card offers. However, be cautious because many of these offers will not be great. The interest rate will be high and they may have fees. You may be stuck choosing the best of the worst from these offers. Eventually, after proving that you are credit worthy by making on time payments and not maxing these cards out, you will begin to get better credit card offers.

There is life after bankruptcy!

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